Saturday, July 11, 2009

autjor [sic], rou [sic]

noise poems, tgreen glint of moss,
we got too many books, cough up
the dough for some more books,
hentai juniperbug, today’s the
day we are supposed to communicate,
ottawa return, canola or, cling
especially a hindrance, coneja,
it’s better not knowing who the autjor
is, capelin, what does this say
to your eye?, what to your ear?,
cannamm ots, an identity of what
is myself, okay here we go, pop
tatari, was your name included,
c’mon there must be a different
perspective, actually asked me to
sign, bashing your face on the
keyboard repeatedly, typepad,
are we past the ding or not?
, breaking the seal on the girl,
so are you like christians or what?
, ain’t got no cd player, can’t
tell the difference between a crow
and a raven, eight gigantic copies,
how do rou pronounce your last name?,

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