Saturday, July 25, 2009


grueso, you know you want
the beautiful thing but,
that’s a thirty percent savings,
there’s not much else can be
done with bits of paper, you’ve
got the buddha in your pocket,
i am the leak, eight bucks,
blue would be better, next
time you go to the library,
pizza appaz, you are witness
to the ink, microvacuum, crop
enclosed herewith, once you
start shaking the die,
indexicals, une toute petite
amourette, lay your hand on
the skull, gegenschein, the
historical the cutting edge,
mzz olz, keepin’ tabs on the
flow, laying them down,
vuddha, inter saint ice,
no no no keep flogging keep
flogging, only one mind can
see the beauty in this blob,
aphoryago, i am waiting two
years, it all depends on how
you look at it, seporation,
ten years from the word now,
inktox, do you know who
you are, stopping doing

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