Sunday, July 05, 2009


find your limits by exceeding them, in
side out, gived, more blank space on the
page, wobbly table?, exhibited lunatics
for a penny, cutting out the self (& the
other, make a stand up, click on the missing
link, icon writing, poo bell, cite not site,
this writing contests writing contests,
imp lament (imp asse), all paths lead
out & back(?), it is working, lost in the
reproduction process, gained in the
copying, do you copy?, a better error,
canada counts (ill), period!, if no info
fon i, pixelated soutine, same trash
piling up on my table (desk), literature
head, i’m just sounding you, the return
address is a barcode, tattoo, pursuabilities
, magic mushrooms?, they slash we,
we slash they, power out(r)age,
big blue bottom bliss, lection of amateurs
or mere theorist, capitalist running dog,
cyberdelic, passionate ████████,
ahlmost, what about the rest of this
peace of paper?, future reference,
unburyable, jambusters march,
warm call, red plastic letter mania
wall room lesbian installation art
dream, paydgya!, moss fights,

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