Tuesday, July 07, 2009

throw meat

rebels don’t wear hats, lit
art, a pile of paper to write
a letter on, how our minds
were formed, in begin, on the
scene since, the same, self-
eating, now is when we enter
the picture, volume zero,
stone hat, five million
trees, complete on one
sheet, the whole deal,
for want of a staple,
spatter with red, type
factorial, plobby, riz,

paintain, cwac, throw meat,
calmness lessons, dis test,
reading desk, gettling,
valuab, still confusion, who
did whatness, dream-nine,
put war in the museum, the
digital internet, comment
an ecstatic horoscope, total
scrap, lungpop, clarification
of rain, psycho magica, the
retinal circus, white suit
and hat, rut turn, pharming,
exploding human crisis,
concrete potential, cultural
intelligences, always
already started, bendmind,

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