Monday, July 13, 2009


charlie’s angles, bamboozle into spending,
sometime’s gone is gone, get it in the
window, the ship always stops there, being
in a bo, the pants are already torn, it’s
time to take the plunge, the world’s
best pencil sharpener, recycled paint,
eponyms, elist to the left, saint ropic,
not an editor but a selector,

oh well i couldn’t afford you anyway,
remove after, these objects are not
speaking to you, the constructs of
human ecology, seldesian, hid it
beneath a hat, extremely heroic conduct,
lumberjills, diminishing marginal urgency,
creoleity, motherese, email and holiday
commerce, cowpea weevils, diacetyl,
pop in jay, everything you need for the
trip except, lysol action, are you awo,
fieldslut, air is addictive, thoing thoing,
this is so romantic, faster core, first
the name, frug, i am soaking wet, play
lap, the sticky buns city, read this
to curry, one is done with this, do
it as a little, glocal, i want to connect
you with you, now everybody is gone,
wait wait wait wait, yer ropes, flap
their wings alot and hide their ecxitement,
what makes you think, is it worth seven
sixty-six, you are supposed to be beside me,
the plane won’t leave without you honest,
is this your hand, bibpcw, when is me
not me,

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