Sunday, July 05, 2009

"being in a bog"

you just can’t seem to read this
crap, yes a dollar twenty-seven,
one must eat, we are not on a date,
one must travel, no indication of
what was bought, this is actually
gas not parking, sounds exotic but,
careful you don’t double charge, one
must fly, one needs coke, the
moment leaving, this trip we are on
together, money residing in bits
of paper, one must consume, this is
not oh this is so romantic, that
sense of oh i deserve good things,
okay now has changed, it sounds
romantic but, prone to confusion,
hope these are not all the same day,
ardmore, being in a bog, can we claim
each and every breath we take?, i make
a wisecrack you take it as advice, it
is real but, it’s only worth a dime,
air horn bear horn, being in the air,
being in the air with,

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