Sunday, July 19, 2009

"turn your blog into a source of revenue" & "what's the name of that font?"

call it a graph, blue base,
hard base, blank versus, data
type, at a dat, blue data, hard
data, football war, switch
caps, herbal essence change,
recycled bison, over draft,
horn-mad, zero or more copies,
turn your blog into a source
of revenue, holy garbage,
look in your hats, trance
sylvan, glitter at eye,
realitized, scramjet, still
roughly, nonscience, trance
voice, xenopic, stereotypist,
cutting-edge home, an agitated
buddhist, auto-examiner,

golden language, arrived,
skwawks, a definite target,
shanghaied, thru no eye, real
blood, a mere rem, sdrflykz,
declare peace, newsprint zen,
there’s a time, one we did
intend, spl, time document,
and, finis!, which is who,
insta-death, up on the, thart,
glueridge, being silly, six
billion names, instant
burial, date stamp, face
again, sunder, still
waits for nothing, go thru,
raise a smile, better, zen,

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