Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"cheering on the writer"

it’s made from toiletpaper but it’s
beautiful, there seems to be
money present but, sue press,
this is not good recordkeeping,
augustus jessopp, motley
landscape, vindicare, chinan,
cadmus, frogs!, the we that
were, what? you want a lickin’?,
the amazing things you
accomplished, wonder if it
ever got to its destination,
the things we have to suffer,
the curse of heredity, busy
getting wasted, the mystery
of spawning salmon, careful
with that slogan, what do
you think of yourself, boring
animosity, do you do catalogs,
a bookmark that will last
forever, wefro, woulda thot it
woulda, hepi, down tempo-holics,
penny honesty, you never did
look it up did you, excerpt
nothing, cheering on the
writer, pretentious annotation,
this is no kind of po, caco
cancou, you dang ringer,
overcoming your subsance
problemz, park arc, a little
ching, yer beat kit, two-
tone, sending spree, a
hundred and thirty ounce,

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