Saturday, July 25, 2009

"i hold the moss in high regard"

inktoxification, perqing,
upcycled, dukkat, your less
significant other, lomem, i
hold the moss in high regard,
you might find yourself
unable to get to the sun,
team-destroying, do a few
kegels, mossenger, where there’s
text there’s mind, no?, the
teeth of the beaver, chips
frozen milk, the human being
has served its purpose, always
already fired, spicy que, did
this go thru twice ?, chesnut,
three point nine, three quarters
blank, i love slogans!, how can
you look at this ugliness?,
pennies galore, who do you love?,
one is in the market for data,
a serious gas addiction, maybe
if i can’t go on you will,
gasohol, expensive pensive,
cartoonish reality,
underseeding, poster it up
around town, who all wants
copies, fe mew, flexwave,
i think i’m turning, how long
do you think this is going
to last, j-scrap, global aphasia,
you can understand it if
you try,

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