Thursday, July 23, 2009

"paint the penny black"

the magic number is four five
six three, hide a limb, hid a
lamb, thot eye reck, saber-tooth
beaver, errorists, paraxanthine,
cytochrome p-four-fifty, filk,
paint the penny black,
benzoylecgonine, all but blank,
my cultural gatekeeper project,
more often a saint than a
sinner, xxxl, enviornmentally
sound, nothing is working
damn the tornadoes, another
jewel for your crown of
thorns, the plenum, the postal
ding, does that make me an
employee, i just printed a
poem, diggin’ a little too
deep, omega-inconsistency,
never seen a nickel, rp is
nine and three, study the
flux, kula, perissologia,
you have to look very close
to see the benday dots, red
glassine mountie, sepuration,
plenty of room to write, i
feel like i’m in prison, you
are not allowed to look at
the words, add the question
mark, why not just lay it
to rest, either way it refers,

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