Friday, July 17, 2009

"wolves are edible" & "documentation of nothing"

copy local, slow money, blue
money, hard money, corn iron,
shy trance, workey, motorized
drycleaning, home war, the dogs
of easement, this torso
represents you, one hundred
percent cubana, elabradora,
camaguey, la preferida, oof,
lemieux who, switch hats,
concrete flows, viral art
network, extreme heinous
crimes, cartridges ensures
high-quality, wolves are
edible, still done, a little
blue, a little hard, robotic
trance, smashed into a
million identical bits,

already fixed, the hello that
exploded, used envelope,
finally did get it right,
which rest, and still, doc yr
pay, sup wit camel, interaction
stops here, an audience of
three hundred, used you said,
still to be acted upon, hello
number, documentation of
nothing, a philosophy of as
if, are you a doer, whatever
was in the letter, here we
are up to, overposted, run
thru machines, what hap,
still sounding, still key,

1 comment:

J.D. Finch said...

Them's fightin' words.