Tuesday, July 07, 2009

"that old tapeworm nothing"

designate yourself other,
in a sealed plastic bag,
bba, concrete redbird, aaff,
may cart, zywiec, zywiec,
hkrcbts, oh eye know, save
ant, seven hundred and
fifty thousand books,
moorooka, moribia, house
of anarchy, obsolete scan,
number money, a lot of
paper to waste, did this
ever materialize, artist
trad, biblioasis, micro
please, g g who, nond,
pick u, ate e- for, sbrain,

reading reading nothing,
exactly a breeze, let go today,
still owing, stereopsis, sick
of money, beat back the chaos,
how much for the corner, abcd,
wax crown, ray-tracing, that
old tapeworm nothing, tumba,
loneliness grew as moss, an
intangible item that is a
marketable commodity, can’t
quite see, find the word
copyright offensive, poler op,
would you believe ten years
ago, you mean copyleft, the
one and the other, wriality,

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