Friday, July 24, 2009

"lust for text"

petal-devouring worm in the bud,
add a whole nother pile of
languages, the mere fact of
it being a photocopy, you saw
all the movies and forgot all
the movies, shitdemon, callet,
eid ul adha, original prisoner,
prisonwall dictionary, gaolwolf,
what does the feel of the paper
convey, it took a long time to
float down to zero, why would
you want to look at this for
longer than a second, cobble
of skulls, you can’t buy sunlight,
turux, better memory bitter,
forty-seven birds, make a legal
deposit of turd, bung-nipper,
where’s that gonna come from,
bawcock, can i borrow some of
your letterhead, life beyond
the point of no return, nothing
to upload, legends of china,
bubukle, same as this, north
of here, what was lunch bunch
exactly, having a hot back,
green tea, boor roob, lust for
text, dyad-in-the-wood, get
yourself to float around
a number, knows no zero, one
that finally broke into your
memory bank, no distinction,

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