Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"i was wondering if you’d accept some art in lieu of money"

none of this paper is going anywhere,
take possession of the library, intro to
confusion, this is how i write you
out of my system, i say oh you say,
the sooner the text leaves the page
the better, i love you therefore i,
i love therefore i am, the trick to
nonbeing, this is not what i wanted
but i’m happy to have it, you might
be quoted on a bookmark someday,
the reform is backsliding, the hour
count is always wrong, thank you for
not robbing me blind, no need to go
into the forest, can we get a machine that
works, let’s fix it, is there a band
called the bit-rate streamers, festina
lente, here on secound ave, one has been
seconded, the hunger for sex is much
easier to satisfy than the hunger for
food, your real job is not the one
you make money at, nine hundred and
sixty-nine years, k po, tortilla gorilla,
if it don’t cut, what does sweet and
salty refer to, pay en, the me that used
to be me, datahog, i’m all zacked up,
art biologist, thou shalt not sieze the
day, thou shalt not desire, processus
vaginalis, solntse, sleepshapes, cinnabar
something, shimai, lowghost, scatter fold,
alexial, heat close eyes, the clothes of
the day, if it keeps flowing in like
this we are going to drown, skid road
nineteen-ten, six square yards of bliss,
the shock troops of environmental
degradation, gallicium, i join their
trance, the cluster bombs of consumerism,
perineum female, pharmaceutical poetry,
tag buff, pointing out the dragon,
humans on continental erosion, org sci
pat, we’ll get ‘em in somehow or other,
cutnaught, the larger category of meat,
coinage problem, errin’ will set you free,
non-existent press, i was wondering if
you’d accept some art in lieu of money,

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