Friday, July 10, 2009

"conform or die"

what did we need so bad we could not
live without it?, ves heill, what if
we don’t like pizza?, saint ultify, oay,
lightnin’ hawkins cheezies, conform or
die, love versus Love, mother philosophy,
kwanza, a munt, cannot be blank,
ecoliteracy, the exact location we
work, lacombe the stop, deteriorates
rapidly in a wet environment, got
the monopoly on the word: ‘marks’,
hyper-wet, you’ll have to take them
off at the airport, stsp, ascites, moss
cushion shores, thou shalt not experience
delight, satyriasis, movie-azation,
the trance-like quality of her art,
gesantliebenwerk, bog of tears,
expose hamster cage, extremely a
convalescent home, is this a sign? i mean
really!, why would you want to store
fine particles?, but you are only
charging me one penny, ate one ate, wsp,
dst, elevendy-six, a phone call is a waste
of bandwidth, even caught himself, “poems”
one syllable or two?, the law of the claw,
tambien, inquinating, obolus, glee-wood,
impecunitis, aposiopesis, extant hand copied,
true or false? if you make a geodesic
dome big enuf it would float, better
living thru nothing, hot off the typer,
now we are done with this text, get
your highlighter out and highlight the good
stuff, hurry up and get off the page,
eh! pasquini!, are all these people lost?,
nineteen words, a whole stack and pile of
words, my fingers are burning, anything worth
saying is worth saying a thousand tomes full,
this is erroneus, purple harem, toner is in,
it’s not too late is it, the last one standing,

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