Thursday, July 09, 2009


hot ink, good contrast, how they
might fit together, white ground,
by comparison, the temp is late,
a produced thing, you can’t
just go and underline, she
wants it back, thin k, getting
thru (out, domination day,
trance substantiation,
getting the bad noose,
fungus in the insulation,
the imp risen, out of our
league, naked crown?, how
seriously can we take this
stuff? (self-decapitation,
read what you want to read,
poland in the original, them’s
fightin’ words!, zinemark,
you gave money to these people,
the em in flame, verbomotor
skills, hiring now, word
capital, what kind of ecstasy
you’re after, nothing™,
neck taming, trance history,
some kind of space-time,
plodding east, photocode,
headlesson, disunited states,

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