Sunday, July 26, 2009


of nudes, a place for a word
to fall, circle their hands
entwined, wanda o, we love your
logo, the flux is holding steady,
turn the page now before you
read the rest, a froth of red
bubbles, a clean tight copy,
how much of that does the
poor woman actually see,
gyrothyra, counterfactualizing,
faƧons de parler, jethro tull
the scientist not the band,
executive houses with cedar,
what possessed you, you could
have earned ten points, buy
more, you are not going to win
what you desire, sausages
cream lips, zoom in on the
mouth, contour floss, as a
little publication, take a mo,
six years sounds rather
dramatic, period on talk,
proxabrush with death,
half blank on bottom, how
many babble, now this text
can be laid to rest,
yesterday is still alive,
that’s a lot of hammerin’,
how did you mark the event,
how did the event mark you,
this is my favourite text so
far, we’re making movies,

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