Wednesday, July 08, 2009

"pseudocode fortran"

saudi alberta, ideologiekritik, calls
exclusive humanism, secularization
studies, enstehungsgeschicte, the
canadian disconsulate, the mind-bruised,
environmental armageddon, chador,
miracidium, the right to type, tucker
telephone, la parilla, cachots noir,
moss is a furry coat, microcoded,
think of a newspaper as general
merchandise, death is the new black,
one is spending time with one’s elf,
bee line accross the street, uklg,
a lady boxer, write it with your other
hand for emphasis, pseudocode fortran,
doing what?, regarding ricciocarpus
natans, thou shalt not say tu, strictly
professional love, the string going up
into the black sky: later was revealed
a kite!, relocatable industrial

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