Friday, July 17, 2009

"tequiza" & "oiko"

there’s art in them thar
dumpsters!, ex-bux, whole
clout, trance descent, trig
fire, dry dream, mockery
work, star shiver, global
type, voudrais, saint aff of
life, hidden markov models,
horinca, teqiza, blue line,
raise the money to print the,
still licking wounds, cross-
border reading, flibbergib,
abyss on abyss, rustbowl, the
shortcake tragedy, let them
eat cable, an open flow of
information, para-information,
commercial reality, event

inform whereabouts, or is it
gold, fat chunk of, join to
forget, owe nothing something,
in the unit with, how’s the
situation, eye am blank, mere
toner, goofball literature,
slab you another slab, that’s
the way the paper rips,
santiossage, getting here,
call me ross, oiko, bouncing
money, buy!, found a place,
vague us, the possib, dear
current resident, still
intending, excellent art,
zero velocity, judging by
the typewriter, ex-poet, rep,

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