Wednesday, July 01, 2009

"tampered with"

if you don’t like the looks of
one of your customers: poison them,
mkkyan, they’ll pay ya for the pleasure,
your food has been tampered with sucker,
working like satan, the mystery is
your brain, going toward nothing, want
the impossible, this is happen, that
can’t be the same person, sexual structures,
tiffany comfort louis, mahi mahi which,
emotions in hand are currently, polymeaning,
one abstract and one concrete, palongawhoya,
nura nal, hypereconomy, quirks and crochets,
the probationist, helen and clytemnestra
and electra, a weather eye, babyblue van,
errin’ , tea hat egg, excretic, rancid
e. slutbucket, aum.

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