Monday, July 06, 2009


why is it dark and light, dedicate
it to a poet you know, cut it up
and turn it into a book, copies
go forward originals go backward,
hurry up and write that letter, there
is nobody there, two are a family of
two, all the production, the left
behind will be brought to the fore,
ask the denius, what is a sacrum
exactly, a mouthful of black ink,
typing is for making a racket, am
i referring to myself, refreshing
the mailbox, a marxist interpretation
of your life, blast this text out
the window, bentspoonerism, where’s
my goggles? my love goggles.

let’s pretend that wasn’t a period,
but you can’t fool all of the eyes all
of the time, hmmm, this text could
sure use some recuperation, copying
is not enough, concrete typewriter,
is this the 384th generation or the

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