Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"those little errors can kill you"

centre or center (global), everyone
has a private life, don’t they?, not
just any best, my eye, my eye, my fucking
eye, pink versus red, now we are back
in the city, the hair at the back of
the neck, thank godness you are not
mobile, those little errors can kill you,
the last moments we were together,
blowing thousands of dollars of the,
never even read the cheat sheet, beware
all systematizers, are we in the x zone
or the y zone, all the info hitting you
right in the eye, the swan dive palace,
you cannot bar the head, the three penny
markdown, no one has ever ordered the napoli
chicken but we’ll see what we can do,
population two thousand and thirty, deja
boo!, that was a feast, tip big, is
becomes was, you never even read poem one,
auguries of boredom, one is moved, one is
getting so tired of, if only one, one
is a monstrous bucket full of, aug, are
you trying to say this text has been
tamperered with?, ah hah!,

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