Saturday, June 13, 2009

"reading it won't help you"

the stamps are collecting dust,
xiamen, penny boat, pleasure is
against the law, proclaim boredom,
is it policy to open people’s mail,
finally got to see what you got,
explain it closer, van ghoul,
socially responsible poetry, in
of and apart of, van gardening,
yes we have a run of the
originals, reading it won’t
help you, have you no stapler,
human effort to count, why do
you feel the need to write,
we ain’t suckers!, uitgever,
lot’s of good splits, let’s split
the workload here, can you give
me a northing here, north south
what’s the diff, the unexamined
specimen is not worth
collecting, outside sales,
breast fillet, a horn-shaped
container emblematic, how
are you going to pay for your
crimes, cash?, maintain your
fat, some serious fluctuations
going on, green tara in green
ink, one blue ink bottle, it
might be junk to you but,
soft skills training, in
sunnyside, two knees touching
two knees, who benefits,

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