Monday, June 29, 2009

"they're ready to buy"

(30), 1862, some chick, lollipop photocop, 24 hr.
turnaround involving post, sales, 7,228 syllable
tour-de-force of astonishing proportions indeed,
story & structure, filthy lucre, exercise b, the
figures, indigo bar code, offers readers, users/
inhouse, demongraphics, democrazy, beauty-craz
y, byoorocrazy, worthy groups, what is it that
you want from us?, why should we help you?,
≠ , as per your request, touch base, my
direct extension, media kit, blue-chip,
dollar-cost-averaging, your campaign,
start building equity now, words 59 cents
each (regardless of size), word ad dead-
line: monday 12 noon, shake the conservative
capital, a shade less definative, who’s lonely
tonight, alterna-capitalism, high traffic
locations, forward-thinking people, they’re
upscale, they’re educated, they’re ready to buy,
per insertion, the best vehicle, sophisticated
readership, mechanical requirements, rate
card, unit depth, delivery confirmation, the
canal of salty sweet marie, increased payloads,
deepening, widening, bypassing, between
bodies, a simple ditch, serve pleasure
craft, looking at graf, untrammelled serendipity,
rim asian, fake registration number, sea air, ah!,
water street, swift (brown) fox, marked “void”,
zen actions, loopholes, real teeth, enlisting,
mental law work, stats can lie, miaow,
not for us = them, big blue bottom, nonesuch,
non-entry, in the doom’s day book, nonentious,
the girls nubile, none-so-pretty.....

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