Friday, June 26, 2009

"at war with nothing"

it starts off with the house, turn
nothing into one, network of lost
souls, turning one into nothing,
requise, judging by the wear
and tear, the ma
the machine that
made the marks, prefer marked
or unmarked, nine eight six two
three, four three five one two,
insanity dust, one zero two one
six, one seven seven six five nine,
nine eight six two three zerg,
one seven seven six five, nine seven
four oh nine, sail away text,

let’s call it written, blue
blank, homing missive, of the
fire, motorized daydreams,
trance scendent, mock work,
ever enlever, a penny a gram,
via sign, plastic verses, whip-
sawing, photocopies zero value,
floating meat again, mukti,
non-dimensional space, keokuk,
intraduisible, coupons in this
handy envelope, there is food
in the ting, highly evolved
civilization, a cult utensil,
carton cutter, the unbinder,
phronesis, club paranoia, a
real hat, the green fear,
the temporary finish line,

half-way across the border,
tree sign, interpretive trails,
patricia alberta, attempting
to find a use, silent book,
paper versus plastic, suffocate
paper, at war with nothing,
breathing plastic, change your
patterns, art song, art trade,
you can see right thru this,
d before b, bag ub, actual
shopping, manipulation
digitale, this art is refering
to that non-art, art next,
refuse to read, refuse to
include, reading refuse,
actual subscribe, pester b, ub,

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