Friday, June 19, 2009

"surcharge the system"

in under, page gap, moss free zone, logo agog,
60 ¢ worth of poetry: $ 60 worth of booze, move
me to put a word down, water damaged paper,
silence as a means of expression, surcharge
the system, is this gonna get my boys any
more wood?, a person sprung from jail, all
ages gig, get your face out there, unites unties,
gypped? (probably short for gypsy, politically
inkorreck etymologically take them out of the
language ?, a book is a machine, imp lies,
impyous, uncanadian activities, man i too,
bah!, pain in the mouth, the aleph bait,
yeah what?, in the beginning: bare shit,
shapeless matter, graven images, any
errors in pronunciation will result in
failure of the project, flood of sand, there’s
no such thing as fun for the whole family,
a pen that writes, how could a stamp be
broken?, not alone, rest of the world, inist,
dr, hybridity & porosity of nations,
ev(a/o)c(u)ating, still wilde?, operates the
microphones, meme, slam?, keep open,
time to do a collage, what happened to
all my glue?, the generous support of,
resting on the future, sharing a table,
literacy may be too low, where these things
have value, thermadrama, bad brain,
way out, office away from home, mea,
plastic measures, at one meant, mere notes
, collecting pebbles with the eye alone, an
image of the world as of now, now, now,

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