Thursday, June 25, 2009

"or any salt thereof"

a pen this is, new series, abandon
text, all them bits, sing a new
song, a excess facing guy, the
losin’ gang, unmethod sound, fear
of zen, concrete unity, obsidian-
ality, from three to four, well:
don’t go there (hell, cyber eyes,
let’s us face it, flight not
war, or any salt thereof, word
robot, textual breakthru,
exactly nothing, keeps returning
to the surface, saying & saying,
writin’ & writin’, word going
nowhere, open the open, we
have already had all these
thots, stop that talking!, no
you read that talking, imp:
pertinent information only,
real people are better,
check the temp, open
moment um, smelting, gems
dot, sayin’ the new, kigs
solid but, what’s aqua

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