Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"moss in anus"

vainfull efforts, trance figurin’, except red,
combined into one utterance and do not exist
separately, i wone, spinal crackers, just
across the street, i’m reading you, pantonality,
revision is less than vision, moss in inus us,
moss in industrial areas, irony board,
white concrete (see meant), walled suburb
of the mind, please fix, vining around, too
shiny, red vanessa, i cannot read language,
divination by means of lines & figures,
because the black is flowing, ancient
laughter, this is a work of art, look at
this again later, transformation tips:,
interlinkking, a bushel of stars, rubies,
grapefroots, sound over ground, say so,
cybergovern, in chapters, ways to go
still, ghost hill, against chapters, let her
open, almost bought, emphasis on the
aitch, where to go from here:, dead end
(pomo), a section of the map, buy nothing
ever, the guy who wrote the bill of
human rights wore a suit, fearless
analysis, because everything is tish,
the window itself, just because it’s
on brown paper, free of chargex,
wallet size poems, wristin’, to show
that you’re with us, mr. idge, we saw
mew gulls, what animals are still out
and about and what are they up to?,
the bottom of the tunnel, a wide
variety of drugs, rituals from shaman,
i’m just a regular guy, done bin done,
the present lone, comes, is a flyer,
reindicate, cross my lips, no socred
cows, buffoon indeed, bite the psucks,

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krandall said...

pantonal panglossia