Sunday, June 14, 2009

we ain't trippin'... we's just chippin'!

the difference between, B & P, th, unreproduce,
the memory of art, grab at material circum-
stances reduced, proximities for instance,
subst(ance/itute), name-of-the-son, caps lockt out,
a cap full of zero, (a cup full of zero), slurp,
lost friends found, heading off towards the
vanishing point, broke the first time it was
used, inukshuk™, money & hourglass, just
chippin’, ad locus: bus transfer (flex, trance
for, run ya true $33,000 watch, forces you
to think ahead (dollar sign), free child,
creation date/time= 11/23/98 11:06:34, $600
seduction (suction), fin-de-millenium,
emphasizing its otherness, excremental
culture, undercommited, two teas, trance
substance (s), artificial vaginizations,
couvade, trance verse, brushing against
the mouth of the uturus, e not you,
sexual trance, drat oyl, spinal cracker,
style as politics, cat a-hexes, tenser,
trance literation, cathexis?, against
foreclosure, dis simulation, power opener,
multisexed, writing is irresponsible, we
never publish anything except rough draft,
ess, desirevolution, the proper name, ten
sore, miswriting, the breaking-apart-of-
the-vessels, met a leper, trance sump,
a mismatched or disjointed program,
supporting kulcher & selling tobacco,
sez print but, trance lucent, spent
his canada council grant on dope, too
much progress, more feemz, wordsome,

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