Saturday, June 13, 2009

"write and have done"

maybe you are the one, octo eight,
oct oh nine, get rid of the toner,
mail-artists who have moved, a
rubberstamp that says guilty as
charged, all your friends are
fading into oblivion, write and
have done, only a woman would
think that, gat, holograph,
dotmatrix, the talk is clicking,
he combed and encrusted, a
day back in may, fuck turkey,
ontological error, ess sos com,
tip to follow, i am a ghost of
a chance, only a man would
think that, blogs on paper,
opportunity knocks you down,
concrete cream, om pog, haitch,
the face of a penny, public man
hat, into peat mulch settles,
jammd clusterd, dno tich sin
teger, sun hot concrete, cool
extravagant heat, human herd
cartoon elves, hocho, paramind,
boppos, ump pook, pachuco,
clusters of fireworks, the
orange snail, each height colord,
a clean hit extends, confused
exhausted and hopelessly,
vitamizer, bottom of one ten,
orange monarchs, bottom of
one fourteen, sky caps,

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