Thursday, June 11, 2009

we need to dig out the original

simultaneously now, the speed of creep, a
coherent cake, each enclosed by its rotten shell,
selective attack, hope lives, stand up to america,
all of a suplemeant, all of a sudden, great masses
crash down, a jumbled mass of debris, the
general breakdown, complete dissolution, the
forces of construction have prevailed, there
would, of course, be no human beings, touché
avec moi, new eyes, geast of ideas, royalties,
co-mission, hopper-type, often impales its
victims on thorns or barbed-wire, preferred
guests, non-preferential, mysterongs,
deformed by creep, techno-syesis, distorted
meanders, accumulates in distinctive construct-
ional forms, help yourself, word-sculpture,
measurement of creep, rock-destruction,
the heliographer, chisel-teeth, eye bolt,
hopper feeder, eat only a small bit, a stole,
would have been depressing anyway (discard
sale), no longer in good standing, may cause
erasure, lost or damaged materials, liable
for any copyright infringements, identity card,
loss of value, progame, partial surrender,
searchers, We see what you see™, the
nourished, society of independent, storehouse
of christian, still active, spend in a single,
not quite expired yet, transit of venus;
expeditions, ink running (bleeding), ink
reasing, tear the moment, mechanics of id,
don’t bank on machines, pales beyond, be
lighted, glass sleeve, pate, pute to that,
write off of that already, anyone can
………………………or anytime[?] etc etc etc,

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