Thursday, June 18, 2009

"hope breeds despair"

Touch, faster on the hot motor, knocks spores,
Torch, That’s her on the motorcycle, spore a knocks,
ouch, orchestra (base), pink X, against following,
begin middle end, sense it if, you alley cat, box
of log, blew main, that boy or girl, never learnt
nothing yet, hope breeds despair, amusing
automobile accidents, organ harvest, all prizes
are harmful, don’t go into bookstores, a thot
of oz witch, the hand, you + me both, imp
art, ewe & we both, mental blackout, cite!,
tracking the keep, the only country today
with a liberal immigration policy, flacq, it’s
me with my “self”, i don’t get it, mumb,
this bit here that is illegible, sit tight,
kneows, designated moron, dirt-eaters
of the world unite!, trance zephyr(eak,
that tiny little union, infinity dealt with,
i’ve heard about these shrikes, study for
high education, progam, as a O, sep
a rating, bushing it beyond the boundary
to, how about a little consultation here?
, purple banned and a, wild mushroom
eating, threaded flange, condensing
the universe, nothing can be done, to
alter the sit, edelweib, dark-eyed junco
partner, sap sucker purchase at a tuna fish,
showing thru from the other sine wave,
must be your own work, this is a gene-
sis of the abstract, contradictionary, ch-
thonic boom, a bigger dickshunairy,
on parole & langueshing, look-alikes, the
system of a language & any individual utterance
, havin a little papah money, honey, the,

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