Sunday, June 28, 2009

"defiling system"

goob root, can you gloss this for
me?, i forgot what i meant,
just another book in the wall,
just open your, relevent art,
block ages in the system, dexist,
paper remains, let us try and
sort this out, produce less &
reproduce more, easier zed
than done, defiling system,
strike this out, found weekend,
assimilarity, drinking-e, untitled
states, a drunken dagger, buy
yu, organ eyes, dis centre,
zent, can’t find a machine,

just ice paper, the ross
edition, what’s verse, a
record of a mom ent ity,
what are we writing about?,
sure eye reremember, that
must have been before,
drew you in,
proved by
that, noend, again saint time,
mint mind, why lay boring?,
time id, the machine will
wait, still room, / lack
choose brown, /id
what? is it all /ar,
me log
get be on,

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