Wednesday, June 03, 2009


become alive to it again, quit with
the words, enouph with the worps,
war the machine out, a record of
the disaster, any day now, mail it
off, thru-points, the old system, just
a working paper, the best not taken
, difference is risky, butterfat
content, tempted to go down,
fuzzy subsets & noology, trance
fuse, trance verse, nomad thot,
outside thot, notes on the trance,
signifiance, likes to see his name
in print, imp orts (& scraps) with-
out modification(s), crowned
anarchy, smooth space, wind-weld
, the same number of words,
always referring to something
actual, musical content is a function
of the rate of forgetting, the
person who was reading before
you, it’s all been done before &
better too, egological disaster,
to create openings, been all
thru that, all gummy (nost-
algia, a jones jones, here some-
where, but that was yestoday,
tradition has led us to, mailed inside,

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