Wednesday, June 17, 2009


your change, up inside the exbank, in they
go, out they go, the gift of attentiveness, the
poison of attention, re-visionary, webbing
that connects, isn’t trying to “get” something
a form of greed?, everything?, suffoblanketing,
sigoggling, crooked wisdom, insanity you can
snap out of at will, was there all the time, it,
zoned out, why don’t you go do some sports?,, names beyond recognition, eye
finding, reason is gone (never), a window
onto the warp & the weft of, quietly gather
dust, what about all of these annoying quest
(ion)s,?, in trance it time, des(k)patch, infin
nite enuf for ya?, kabballistic molecule,
not about anything, not outside of anything,
nothing outside of, like q without you,
love f, this is still perfectly good!, wake me
up when we get there, organization
production & marketing (grag), fill man
fill, the diffriends betwine sippin &
spittin, envious & niveous,
heterophobia, how many kitties do
you see?, q & q, a failure of the will
to power, reflection of touch, that
momentary feeling of confusion
before it all comes back into focus,
simple eye, ap art h ate, to gether love,
recycle money, buy the way side,
colour as colour, public hair, radiating
root system, 98 98 TOTal total, harvest
without killing the donor, madamcharge,

1 comment:

krandall said...

how many kitties do I see? a half dozen. some are tuxedos, some tigers, one is all grey, and the last one a tortoiseshell. they are all gifts of attentiveness & especially good at hunting letters. killing qwewrtyuiop everyday.