Monday, June 01, 2009


goopophone, art is one of the four
false illusions, spam and
nothing but, still doing art
after all, the art without the
interpretation, which wad of
garbage do you want, face the
poet, mint toner trash, what no
seal, no copy required, some of
these might be new, the sign of
a hand, yes i will answer to,
this was a paper band, are we not
getting a little ahead of our-
selves, double mailart project,
ivanhoe the movie, one is writing
to you, does paper carry any more
weight, diegress, save ever tiny
revision, question mark, m
stands for mark, anyone could
do better than this, boy with
gray hair, exponentially blah-
blah, hat design, a leaking
orange, nothing’s blueprint,
concrete powder, poetry is not
stand-up comedy, from back
when we still had a computer,
approximate clockwork, fillinf,
poetry is music without the
music, no we are not burning
any more bridges, what does
one intend to do with this,

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