Monday, June 01, 2009

"what do you hope to gain from this text"

we had a chance to get this
into a few ears, what is it you
hope to gain from this text,
almost broadcast, we are never
going to move all this material,
retains a trace of the original,
did you happen to note the
reality, copies of a different
order, miscellaneous: can you
be more precise, turn the
multitude into one, you may
recognize some of your
writing in here, now these
anachronistic texts are
joined seamlessly together,
but the paper is different,
zero difference at all, faster
than you can say goodbye,
ain’t goin’ nowheres, all the
beauty is long gone, toner
is beautiful, blue black
what’s the diff, this ink
almost looks like toner,
green ink is nice, all this
work for nothing, all this
work for even less, the
blankness is the meaning,
genteel garbage, find you,

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