Sunday, June 14, 2009


unflown, portable ink, grace, period!, time
turning into money, whichever is greater,
$1,000 a day in cash, hassle-free access to cash,
composite sketch, a map of the middle of the
journey, pay for your own birthday present,
schizoanalysis, split split, schizo-machines,
energumen, at first sight, differ end,
occupy, new men on, filed under the name
‘Priddle’, subject subjected to, acephalus,
o(n)tology: being thru the ear, anti-critique,
postcritical, I Kan’t go on, I go on, a
tensor of desire, my evil book, human
body as mobeus strip, pure view, pay
the exorbitant price, de-ontology – the
study of non-being?, lack , money
engendering itself, cause a sewer,
surplus value = meaning?, cacangelism,
tensor band (age), mess of shit – blow
cow – bomb, long-standing tradition,
tiger hell-icopters, eurofighter military
aircraft, that little black cross (again),
constitution, everything is related to
everything else, representation, nonsigns,
nonscience, nonsense, anti-system, mangled
mattter, panopticism, a native agent for
a foreign business, decontextualization,
deferentialist, wordness, letterness,
between the floods, looking at words
as opposed to reading, trance former,
scryptorium, counter commodity,
present not represent, fuck epistemology,

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