Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"let's see if i'm talking about you here"

all this for a dollar ten,
distinguished by the wrong
marks, you wanna drive the
boat?, what do yoo, some people
have to work you know, this is
the one that is going forward,
entirely blank except for the
toner, grm cnn wic, hunting a
hunter, commun money, symp,
well you say it was paid but,
sequester some coffee, one
was pre-slacker, sunnys, unive,
chalumet acorus, still to pay,
dreaming up data, workflow
process success, insertion of
form succeeded, insert money
into savings, generous with
computer time, tick the x,
a floating hat, breamed,
still an animal at heart,
the tropey-dope, signs of
life, the day before we met,
by letting you pass thru my
system, anatomy trains, let’s
see if i’m talking about you
here, yes i’m always talking
about you, i’m glad it’s
becoming illegible, please
don’t leave me, still here?,

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