Tuesday, June 09, 2009

"anything worth copying is worth copying"

every annotation calls out for
another, alphabetize all these
phrases, how you arrange the
stamps on the envelope, fractal
flesh, noninformational image,
how does one score such delight,
lay claim to the whole text, one
is moved again, now you are
finally outdoing yourself, art
with a bit of body to it, now
you can take a good look at
yourself, suddenly you are still
there, you are looking right thru
it, they will get used to your
error, what do you want with the
prairie, is this whole thing a
dream, here the poetry is stained,
pale lime green poem, now we are
here together but, anything worth
copying is worth copying, who’s
the new concrete king, you pays
the sage, why the hair, at least
it didn’t make us puke, how
much are you blowing on,
the beebeep of the scanner, no
one does not wish, gigawatts,
transmission deferral account
rider, trance power, identity
destruction, apply postage
stamp, where the action is,

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krandall said...

and recycling