Friday, June 19, 2009

"digital skin"

penny rollers, &, to come out, unheimlich
manoeuvres (not secret), is will be was, to
flow to, digital skin, ermine gash, here it
is! gone! here! gone!, side real desire stars,
St. one gold, fey sing (ing), pub!, a box of
tongue tactics, ‘s pen’s dexterity, visible
speech, many-writing, wild schizzed-out
eruptions, exchange of prepackaged
commodities, trance-ative, an easy rider,
generously marred, imp lick ate (or 8),
discrete not discreet, & esp not sneaky,
eventism, the fix is on, a snake eating
its own tale, coin worth ten asses,
flood of signifiers, wordness, fob?
free on board?, writing as politics,
a going after, but competing flat out,
evidence device, perpetual motion
machine, radical = fundamental,
against paper (st. again), I don’t know
how to say this any other way, draw
the line at drawing the line,
interpellation not interpolation,
unnaming, exorbitation of language,
over sense, subjection objection,
against civilization?, global society,
the thing about the horizon, frag’d,
cyber-government, y(ourself standing
outside y)ourself, inward eyes, one over,
any outlets, this time around again,
doughpe?, big patch of purple + blue mushrooms,

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