Saturday, June 20, 2009

"finally found my outer voice"

zzzz youth baby book, imp person all,
B. Wypaser the artist, before they are famous,
language living?, the pageless actual, a
shining trance crypt, the context, gesture,
intonation + pronunciation give spoken
words a stamp of meaning which a written
form will lack, (still unpublished), ok dense,
to fall (& rise ? her eyes, a new cadence means
a new idea, impression writing, descended
upon things to arrest them all, wit maniac,
incommunicado, say it! no ideas but in things,
improvisations, trance it, shifting from one
fact to the next, smithereens, up from the
ranks (go girl go! er, go woman go!), from
Bearshit to L (heart), withholders, calm
mutations, meditative permutations,
surrender the sense, sanctioned drug-
use, block grants, for the insane,
finally get picked (apart), unavailable for
several years, bounced here, people
return to the ge mine shaft, finally found
my outer voice, micro-presses, the empire
writes back, a chain mail network,
postcolon lit, commonwelts literature,
walled suburbia, in(j)ured, made the
grade (steeper), tell the fragments to
which we have access, a better composite,
it’s too canadian!, per mutation,
pro forma!, flying fox, thru the window:
warped & wefted, this paper can be
recycled, the last, lacking for time,

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