Thursday, June 11, 2009

Photostats should be capitalized

a not-her woman, copulation with exploding
genitals, over-organization & deliberate
disorder, freeplay, feedback!, itselfness,
the closer one looks at a word, the greater
the distance from which it looks back,
everything is surface, to thrust aside,
levellism functioning, (+ his ilk), vicrory
of city over nature?, here & there, everywhere,
scattered about, cyberculture – 1964, pan
shot, mere ultramodernism, (or eye mush
bilge), photostats, a common place,
light standing still™, the fluid ink of matter,
exoteric, He is a window which lets in light,
an artificially created human being,
the trance formers, in-itself, she kinda,
there are no restrictions on transfer of funds
from Canada, group life, easy access to high
technology from the American neighbours,
land of immigrants, flat country under
sugarcane, sugar factory, Woven from
multicultured threads, a ‘heady’ brew of races,
languages, religions & eating habits, it’s me:
venus, landed, 135,000 annually, my hat
my gun thee, where am I in all this?,
the far side of abstact, the hymn, of
treasure-bearing king, sings of you, and
the northpole also honours you, from,
publishers, condensed, 140 canadian poetry
magazines, out of date(ah), when there are
no words, a poem has to be understood in language,

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