Sunday, June 21, 2009

"mass debate"

fee for interaction, moss bank, both constant,
maxi-mi$er option, divid end, operating lines,
take it out or put it back in, all the difference
in the world, this something day of somewhen,
who are these people and what are they
doing with our money?, cancerization,
non-finito, postrelative, the production of
commodities by means of commodities, gels
the imp!, living picture, living list, urb & orb,
perfect marks (imp), around tish, miles
a head, free booze!, comic book relief, mass
debate, sprung reference, de-semioticization,
untypesettable, codic doublings, trance
whichics, only projectivism, in addition to
song, prose o’ dyin’, one who warns,
minotaurization, scrable em codes,
phonemics not phonetics, hope phloats
& so does shit, message traffic-king,
something new, languag(escape, super
imp, stolen (time), taking dictation,
(dictator), biggest enemy bestest friend,
a mere reproduction, dux of the school,
un stay pulled, inborn talent (open field),
ever see’n’ the southern cross,
latter notice, new dire (war(nings,
we went to grease, crystal archive
in ideograms, 99-me (e), remain ixnay
reduce to, unchanged, ear regard
(r), devdonor, file that (down), legal
name, silence suite/sweet silence:

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