Monday, June 22, 2009


word up!wo/manship, stripping words off, blotting
a thousand, actual size, recognizable chunks,
the alea(meantory canal, mucous-membrain-lined
tube, move her & shake her, it can’t be any
good if there is so much of it, ‘laying down’
(of books (for the future, just coasting (west,
writing us in, the letter tea, everyone loves
to get applause®, please retain this information
for future reference, glitter in gutter,
kaput-alism, to live quietly, to live in silence,
piper methysticum, die no more (electric
machine), Pd, squirrel’s fur, northern flicker
got zapped nice dots brilliant orange feather
grey-blue lizard claw feat, songs of motion/movement,
one who exists in the tomb? a grave-robber?,
pax americana, chance sons, the opposite of
neap, careenagers, spans high,
saturnalienation, umbrella distribution,
something photocopy-able, MAC Formant
tiff, eps files, what sort of thing,
big in again, the condition of art, nothing
grows but marble, complete shun,
no comma?, the information pack, the
urge to write has become writing’s
subject, I beam, interiority complex,
self + other(s), to arrange (a pair of taxis)
side by side, make a good logo, no progress,
turn garbage into money, more valuable
than money, it can’t be that easy,

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