Friday, June 12, 2009

is this an ocelot?

getting rid of the self, magnified particles, it
was so real, as good as you wered, all is i want,
another nother, butch’s beauty glow, sure
as sherry, there’s more to it than that, isn’t
there?, are you mocking me?, garbage
freshener, how’s my time? is it still infinite?
, Franses King, here I Come, (This is Tara’s
righting), Firstname.Lastname, be log,
generally speaking, non-working,
just went to thin ear, states of delerium
& raving are produced upon consumption,
Dole ] pure product of poland, half union, the fatal
Guatemala ] five, dramatic pen portraits,
#4011 ] fragmentation, bushtits, brain-like
convolutions (never actually see one),
stalk in a skirt-like fashion, volva or
‘death-cup’, petcock, holistic individals you,
eye bolt,
[pen and ink drawing of ocelot?]

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