Tuesday, June 16, 2009


at least id, it might say something
to you but it says nothing to me,
can you explain what it says,
maybe there is nothing to see,
you’re dropping letters left and
right, add this interior to your
collection, this could be in the
hands of, a sudden change of
identity, one can tell by the
shade of the white, can’t really
tell but willing to risk a
guess, hurry up and drift, the
last remaining clue, not exactly
what we had in mind but we
don’t mind, annotated money,
grab yourself a computer,
dances with machines, the
thing itself is changing,
wonder if anyone will ever
read this, annotated actions,
it was the day, dancing with
disaster, hey those are my
words, we make an educated
geuss, curious to know death,
hurry up and give me hope, if
not the colour then the texture,
nothing is left open to chance,
god made me do it, the nuclear
explosive method for
stimulating hydrocarbons,

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