Sunday, June 28, 2009


ten grand worth of wiggle room, no more
mister nice price, lainn, one has become
detached, the most northerly point
on the map, thank god for staples,
a sign is better than nothing, isn’t
it?, some people never have to move,
still clicking?, why this on this
paper?, untermenschen, hydrogen in
its core and expand, snarge, the rage
circuit, schlimmbesserung, “entangled”
states, electric sleep, expensive
cellphone call in hungary, exprees
extra e’s , express-line writing, so
thingy, language-about-itself, a
collective horizon of emergence, deixis,
nonreferentiality, concrete puzzle, a
video-screen blankness, dojo, politry,
momoclinic, circadia, ochre concrete,
beaver fedora, isogloss, idiogloss, tamal,
tulis, socio-interpretation, cream concrete,

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