Friday, June 26, 2009

i think this about covers it

community notebook(s), transacting community, telefax, green
capitalism, democratic each-to-all broadcasting, information is
not enough, special institution, radio without an audience, micro
revolution, noncommunicating, one watt, mini-fm, microradio,
chiasm, entrelacs, the culture of distance, otaku, electronic
individualism, economy changed the housing, banzai collectivity,
receptacle programming, slip-starting, culture jamming, grid of
one, avant-preneurs, eye phones, photo novella, genlock, telestrating,
telewriter, capabilities from existing and hybrid, cyberarts,
Buddhist capitalism, authors’ galleries, mind-at-a-distance,
distributed authorship, technoetic, telepresent, biotelematic,
telidon, the network as medium, holopoetry, xerofilms, teleart,
blue printing, postal art, being here now and always already,
the center of human experience, intimate bureaucracies, networked
psychoanalysis, sociopoetic systems, therapeutic politics,
petrochemical-driven foreign policy, spiral of silence, copy it
right!, kathkali, ego let-go, performance poetry, waste art: want art,
terminal fun, the conveners of the embittered harvest, rubdown type,
satellite trance, penny bender, translocality, translocal, local
trance, trance locality, the hand is the outer brain of human
beings, avant-garde ikebana, emotional bandwidth, microtelevision,
palimpsest art, antisociology,

this is meant for nobody,
pure verse, you never new, how
fast can the crap fly off
the shelf, how fast can the
crap fly off the shelf, weltome,
please don’t do me any more
favours, jumbotron, vasser
visser, da matta, faster
fister, eye just in, colour
together, not safe, involun,
learning the meaning of,
we thought we were alive,
existence has been cancel,

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