Monday, June 08, 2009

"read at pages on kensington, june 4, 2009"

there’s one more thing i wanted
to say, the green ink fell flat,
there’s a few things i didn’t
really want to say, blow in!,
make no mark on the paper,
always already marked, this
was supposed to go on the
table, of course no-one is
going to want this, what other
category can this go in, not
actually making any payments,
let the text leave the page,
still never got to this, texts
for jumping out of, odd things
to say in front of a bunch of
people, no point writing about
blank paper, everybody’s
favourite words: pay to the
order of, if you look close
enuf it’s atomic, guilty
love, mail sat, i sign or you
sign, brumalia, paper which is
not flat, one has one’s
detractors, dsw, day, you
are perfectly capable of
representing yourself,
craftsters, would you
sign this for me, metta,

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